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Oh gosh, that was stupid...I read this right before lunch. I've never even had yakiniku, but now you've passed the craving along to me.

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wow! its looks very delicious :)


:O that looks super delicious! But just to note.. galbi is actually the korean word for "rib", hence rib meat (: sometimes it comes on the bone or off the bone. It really depends what kind you're looking for.



Moonflow, I didn't know Koreans ate kalbi boneless too. It's always been on the bone when I've had it in Korean restaurants in North America. Thanks for the info.


hello. i'm not good at english but i want u to know what was wrong. i guess Yakiniku means grilled meat in japanese. and Kalbi is a meat near the rib in korean. so mostly Kalbi has the bone in it. have you ever heard of Bulgogi? i think what u cooked is definitely Bulgogi. it's one of korean style barbeques like u posted. korean usually grill some meats indoor with that grill pan. and eat with sanchu, kimchi. so i guess u cooked Bulgogi. if u wanna know about that u could google it.. Yakiniku means just grilled meats in japanese as barbeque in english. so every grilled meat is called yakiniku in japanese. and you know those namul, sanchu and sanchu are korean.


that is so korean style to wrap meats in sanchu for a very long time. it is also called Ssam in korea. Ssam is that putting some meats and other stuffs(depends on what u want to put in, for example there's a kimchi.) in vegetables(like a cabbage or a sanchu or a sesame leaf or whatever). if u pick to put some Kalbi in Ssam, that is Kalbi-Ssam.
if u said Yakiniku as just a japanese word of barbeque, very acceptable. but a meat wrapped in sanchu is no, not a japanese style. all these stuffs (kimchi, namul, sanchu) are named korean and korean foods. wrapped meat in veges is also korean style.
i just wanted you to know the right one. have a nice day :)


This looks amazing! I made a similar version after seeing this, but I had to use my Lodge cast iron griddle. It worked out pretty great!!

Lodge griddle from KaTom



Nice spread. I cook mainly Korean food, but I'm dabbling in Japanese cuisine (hence my visit here). Your dinner looks delicious. The only things I'd personally add are some raw sliced garlic, hot peppers and the ubiquitous spicy miso paste that I just can't do without when eating lettuce wraps. Though this would probably be very unacceptable by Japanese standards which, from what I've seen, seems to gravitate towards more delicate flavors. I'm thoroughly enjoying my visit to your site...beautiful photos.

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